Residency – Café Größenwahn – Eine Künstler*innenkolonie


Die Künstler*innen Gözde Ilkin (Istanbul) und Panagiotis Gkritzos (Athen) sind im Sept/Oktober 2019 zu Gast im Fahrenden Raum und werden mit ihrer künstlerischen Praxis zu dem „Aktionsraum  Café Größenwahn – Eine Künstler*innenkolonie“ beitragen.

Siehe auch Der Fahrende Raum (Residency | art education and production within the social sphere)

Über Goezde Ilkin:

Gözde İlkin lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. She studied painting at the Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University and is studying towards a master’s degree at Marmara University in Istanbul. Using mainly stitching, drawing, painting as well as  video and sound installations, she constructs forms of confrontational interactions within the motifs of found domestic fabrics especially referring to social and political relationships/manipulation, borders, power issues, gender attitudes and urban transformation.

Artist Website


Über Panagiotis Gkritzos:

Panagiotis Gkritzos is a visual artist who lives and works in Athens. His natural affinity for the arts manifested from a young age and led him to the Athens School of Fine Arts university where he explored the medium of drawing along with animation and sculpture. As an Abstract painter Panagiotis creates large scale paintings involving the motion of the whole body in a design process that attempts to organize the chaotic flow of ink in order to compose images that when combined create a dreamlike environment. Due to the large scale of his paintings, the viewer is embraced with vast compositions creating an ever shifting landscape inducing feelings of entrapment and/or safety. The game of illusion is followed by smaller scale works that achieve to lead us to a different realm. The Artist brings mystery and mystification of reality by the use of organic like patterns and pictures that slither away from control abundant with references to the microcosm and macrocosm. Through his paintings we experience the limitations of the safe place that at the same time could be considered a dead end, a world out of place filled with fantasies and horrors inviting yet uninviting, eerily strange but familiar that gives new perspective to our normal everyday realities.