An overview of our program of 2019 can be found here!

We are looking forward to seeing you again! From May to July 2020 you can find us again at Hummelwiese in Freimann. The exact dates will follow shortly.

Der Fahrende Raum

An art project and mobile space of action for art educational and artistic activity in Munich’s Freimann district. For children, youths, and adults.

Der Fahrende Raum will take place at different locations in Munich every year during the summer. The mobile space of action and art project consists of a series of actions spaces that will unfold with the participation of children, youth, and adults in this timeframe. The project draws on Munich’s history as an important point of origin in  the development of actionist art and art pedagogy. At the same time, it expands artistic practices of appropriation and contemporary interrogations of archival material into the spheres of reenactments and playground sculptures as well as editorial work and printed matter.

* It is set in and around the mobile, artistic architecture/ play sculpture by Maximiliane Baumgartner (artist, Munich) and Jochen Weber (artist, Hamburg).

(Graphic: Maximiliane Baumgartner, Schäfflers Grid, 2017)