Contribution Florida Magazin

TRANSIENT SPACES – action in times of paranoia and enforcement.
Scenes from temporary spaces of play and action in Munich.

von Maximiliane Baumgartner & Alex Wissel

In: Florida Magazin # 03 – A Game Is A Play Is A Text, 2016

The Space of Action is distinguished by being situationally and temporarily constructed within preexisting social or even institutional structures and generating its own frame of reference for actions via its staging. It thus develops dynamic contextual relationships to the existing structures (spatial conditions, social space, neighbourhood, infrastructure, the integration of the press as a public organ of speech etc.). The idea of action – as acting in space – can not be separated from the site at which it occurs. It’s distinguished by its potential to make certain transformations available to experience. The pedagogic-artistic space of action – whether it’s received within the context of art or art education – insists on making various forms of participation available to experience within real space.