Der Fahrende Raum [The Transient Space]

An art project and mobile space of action for art educational and artistic activity in Munich’s Freimann district.

For children, youths, and adults.


DER FAHRENDE RAUM  will take place in the Freimann district every May to October over the next three years (2017–2019).

With the mobile, artistic architecture/ play sculpture by Jochen Weber (artist, Hamburg) and Maximiliane Baumgartner (artist, Munich). As a component of the architecture Maximiliane Baumgartner shows the installation of her painting SCHÄFFLERS GRID.


The mobile space of action and art project consists of a curated series of spaces of action that will unfold with the participation of children, youth, and adults in this timeframe.

The project draws on Munich’s history as an important point of origin in the the development of actionist art and art pedagogy. At the same time, it expands artistic practices of appropriation and contemporary interrogations of archival material into the spheres of reenactments and playground sculptures as well as editorial work and printed matter.


The program of THE TRANSIENT SPACE draws on Munich’s history as an important point of origin for action-oriented art and arts education. Archive materials will be artistically used for re-enactments and play sculptures and re-examined through contemporary journalistic and editorial work.

THE TRANSIENT SPACE provides a residency program for artists and art educators. (THE TRANSIENT SPACE – Residency | art education and production within the social sphere). On-site artistic production will feed back into the educational activities through in-depth collaboration with invited artists, art educators, curators, pedagogues and theorists.

At various locations, the artists, art mediators, and researchers invited from both local and international contexts will create occasions for communal artistic research and action in collaboration with the participating children and youth.


In this context, Freimann offers a rapidly changing field of action: as a point of convergence between urban gentrification processes (Funkkaserne), refugee accommodation (Erstunterbringung Bayernkaserne), the Euro-Industriepark, a refugee arrival center, a railway compound, Motor-World, and apartment buildings, it produces a tension between new and old, familiar and foreign, transit and residence, periphery and center.

The interdisciplinary in situ projects and interventions enable diverse experiences of participation by using artistic means to investigate the notion of the public‘ and redefine it.

Commissioned by the Municipal Youth Welfare Office and in collaboration with the Department of Culture (Kulturreferat) for the state capital Munich and run by Kultur und Spielraum e.V.


DER FAHRENDE RAUM // Kultur & Spielraum e.V.

Artistic direction and concept (2017-2019): Maximiliane Baumgartner


2017 | Co-artistic direction 2017: dr. Katja Kobolt
2017 | Pedagogical realization in collaboration with Veronika Götz


MAXIMILIANE BAUMGARTNER works as an artist, pedagogue, editor and curator in Munich. As part of her interest in (counter-)publicity and historical contexts within an urban space and its mechanisms, she initiates and develops (often in collaboration with others) artistic fields of action.
Since 2014 she has curated, as part of a collective, the municipal art space Lothringer13_Florida and is co-editor of Magazine Florida, published biannually.
Since 2014 she has also worked with an artistic research interest on pedagogical play settings, the emancipatory possibilities of critical and feministic pedagogy and performative forms of learning at Kultur & Spielraum e. V., and she conceptualized and programmed the temporary action space DER FAHRENDE RAUM 2015 and 2016 in Munich.

VERONIKA GÖTZ is an artist and art pedagogue and has studied in Nuremberg, Munich and Athens. She is active in queer-feminism, also works in contexts critical of racism and does creative and body-based work with children, young people and adults.