Vagabond Convention with Performances and Readings on Archival Material of Gusto Gräser

Friday June 22, 4 pm – 8 pm
Performance Elena Carr and Jonas Beutlhauser,
Performative presentation and reading of a Gusto Gräser pamphlet by Maximiliane Baumgartner and a guest
contribution by Brigitte Fingerle-Trischler (head of the Mohr-Villa Stadtteilarchiv Freimanns).
Lob ans Lob, ballad by Laura Ziegler, Stephan Janitzky and Edith Sahrhage.

The Performative Gusto Gräser Children’s Archive

is a running program under the aegis of Der Fahrende Raum.  It seeks to facilitate contemporary inquiry, vibrant discussion, and research into Gusto Gräser’s work and life against the backdrop of the action space and its performative, artistic resources.