Residency – Periods of Non-Productivity

Performance and Education

Der Fahrende Raum (Residency | art education and production within the social sphere) with support from Villa Waldberta, an artists’ house in the state capital of Munich.

Performance program in June/July with guest artists Eva Egermann, Karolin Meunier, and Romy Rüegger, as well as joint research for a day of performance in December in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.

Phasenweise nicht produktiv (Periods of Non-Productivity) is a project between Karolin Meunier (Academy of Fine Arts Munich) and Der Fahrende Raum. The purpose is to draw links between an expanded definition of performance as an artistic form, and education as a performative act.

One focus is on the structural conditions of the two fields of work: which social, economic, and spatial hierarchies or unchallenged standards are reflected therein? Different concepts of productivity and temporality are also addressed in the accompanying seminar “Phasenweise nicht produktiv,” which will be held by Karolin Meunier in collaboration with Maximiliane Baumgartner at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. A joint day of performance in December 2018 is prepared together with with the students. The cooperation establishes a connection between the prospective art educators and artists and Der Fahrende Raum’s programming, whose practice explores historical and current forms of performance space education.

Karolin Meunier is an artist and writer from Berlin and teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. She is a member of the publishing house and book shop b_books in Berlin and the feminist film and video distributor Cinenova in London. Her videos, texts and performances explore how access to individual experience is accomplished through cultural techniques, e.g. in translations, conversations, learning techniques, motion studies or spatial and intitutional interventions.

The other guests for this program are the artists Eva Egermann (Vienna) and Romy Rüegger (Zurich). They are invited to help shape the content of the different phases of the project based on their individual artistic practice. In July, the performance program Cyborg Disko Werkstatt (Cyber Disco Workshop) and a sound workshop for children and young people— both based on the project—were developed with the artists at Der Fahrende Raum.

Eva Egermann is living in Vienna. She worked in diverse media and collaborations (such as the Manoa Free University or the group Girls on Horses) on artistic projects, publications or exhibitions. She has been teaching at Academies in Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck and Lucerne and was part of the research group of the project “Model House. Mapping Transcultural Modernisms”. In research-based artistic projects, Egermann works with practices, social movements and pop cultures linked to deviance, illness and disability. A range of materials can be found in her projects – restaged, revised e.g. in the form of the Crip Magazine that she has been publishing.

Romy Rüegger lives in Zurich and Berlin. In her performances, audio works and texts she works with layers and montages of social, historical and architectonical spaces, developing counter narratives and shared practices of listening as places of encounter and unlearning. She co-organizes artistic programs and plattforms that adress social power structures as gendered and racialized.

Karolin Meunier and Eva Egermann are the 2018 Villa Waldberta grant holders, an artists’ house in the state capital of Munich.