Residency Program – Info

THE TRANSIENT SPACE – Residency | art education and production within the social sphere

THE TRANSIENT SPACE offers a residency program for artists and art educators. On-site artistic production will feed back into the educational activities through in-depth collaboration with invited artists, art educators, curators, pedagogues and theorists. Paramount to the program are artistic stances and works that take emancipatory approaches, pursue mediating roles and attempt to bring about dialogue and collaboration with others.

FREIMANN represents a rapidly changing setting: as a point of convergence between urban gentrification processes (Funkkaserne), refugee accommodation (Erstunbringung Bayerkaserne), the Euro-Industriepark, a refugee arrival center, a railway compound, Motor-World and residential buildings, the area brings about an exceptional tension between new and old, foreign and familiar, transition and establishment, periphery and center.

At various locations, artists and art educators invited from Munich as well as international contexts will create occasions for communal artistic research and action with the participants. The on-site, interdisciplinary projects and interventions enable diverse experiences of participation by questioning and redefining concepts of the public sphere through artistic engagement.