Dialogical Lecture – The Production of Raum

Thursday Juli 19th, 8pm

Paraphrasing the title of the famous 1974 book by Henry Lefebvre, Jelena Vesić and Vladimir Jerić Vlidi will discuss the historical examples of the realization of the production of particular social space. What was the potential of what would today be probably recognized as critical pedagogy when raised to the level of social-wide infrastructure? The examples of alternative cultures produced and lived within the context of specific forms of socialism developed during the postwar period until the 1980s will be juxtaposed with contemporary project-based labour of politically motivated independent cultural actors. Some of the concepts and phenomena up for discussion will be counter-didacticizm, art thinking, alternative universities, people’s technique and DYI computers.


Jelena Vesić, an independent curator, writer, editor, and lecturer and Vladimir Jerić Vlidi, a media researcher, editor and author, are coming to Munich in June and July in collaboration with the international artist residence Villa Waldberta to work at the interfaces of artistic production and mediation. They are going to take part in the educational programs and actions and to reflect on the existing history of experimental pedagogical approaches distinctive to Munich and the current relations between culture, economy and politics that are shaping the contemporary system of education. Of a special importance would be pursuing and examining thefunction of art, of artistic approach and artistic thinking, as a part of various educational tendencies, efforts and methods.