Closing Event “Just Acting Up” with Performative Settings and Readings

October 12, 3 – 7pm

With Anna Fehr, Takeo Marquardt, Andreas Rønholt Schmidt, Frederik Worm and productions by the children and teenagers of Fahrender Raum

and a magazine workshop for children and young people: With the help of copy & paste, you can produce and print your own little stories and newspapers from selected books from the collection.

The children’s book collection by Luca Beeler, Cédric Eisenring and Carmen Tobler, which unites children’s books from the late 1960s and 1970s, was the basis for questioning a selection of the stories negotiated in the books with children and young people within the action space “Just Acting Up”, for appropriating artistic techniques and developing formats in which, among other things, the stories were brought onto the stage of new picture book productions using theatrical means and costumes.

On the occasion of the closing event of this year’s action space Fahrender Raum, Anna Fehr, Takeo Marquardt, Andreas Schmidt and Frederik Worm show performative and installative artistic settings within the settings of the children’s book collection as well as the productions of the children and teenagers that were created in the last month.

“I’d like you to be dead, I will keep your photograph in my pocket” (2018) is a project by Anna Fehr and Takeo Marquardt that deals with the book “The Piggle: An Account of the Psychoanalytic Treatment of a Little Girl” by pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald W. Winnicott (1896-1971), published in 1971. Formally it follows the structure of the sixteen sessions documented by Winnicott with the girl called “The Piggle”.

Anna Fehr is an artist living in Munich and studying psychology at the IPU Berlin.
Takeo Marquardt is an artist and author and is currently studying Psychoanalytic Studies at the Tavistock Centre in London.

“Das Panum Kobold” by artist Andreas Rønholt Schmidt (Copenhagen) consists of a performative reading of the children’s book “The Rainbow Goblins” (1977) by Ul de Rico and an installation of rainbow-coloured cardboard tubes on the roof and side walls of Fahrender Raum. This is inspired by the brutalistic architecture of the building complex of the educational institution “Panum” in Copenhagen.

Frederik Worm shows a new sculpture that takes its cue from Gabriel von Max ‘Monkeys as Judges of Art’(1889) thats hangs in the Neue Pinakothek. The work displays a rewiring of the painting itself and features elements of bavarian vernacular, scandinavian design and special effects of Singerie paintings historically.

Frederik Worm is an artist based in Copenhagen. His works deals with the unbuilding/rebuilding of (counter-)(public-)spaces and figures. He works within diffrent constellations/initiatives and co-runs the screening program CapitalWash.

In addition, there is a reference to the book exhibition with the workshop “Just Acting Up” in Gasteig as part of the Munich Book Show, where the children’s book collection will be on display together with the productions of the children and young people: