Figure Freimann

From story to action

With Margarita del Carmen, Kristian Byskov, Vladas Suncovas and Martin Haufe
(Artists and art mediators – group from Copenhagen / Vilnius / Leipzig)

Fri 23 June – Sat 30 July 2017
Fri and Sat, 4 – 7 pm,
As well as on Thursdays
free and open

workshops for groups and school classes:
3rd – 7th of July, Mon – Fri, 9 – 12 am
(registration via e-mail)

The program is part of DER FAHRENDE RAUM – Residency | Art education and production within the social sphere

From June 21 to July 9 we will open DER FAHRENDE RAUM for making an open stage for a figure theatre. We invite children to come every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and together find inspiration in different sites of Freimann to make objects that can construct plays and different theater acts. These are all narratives we find and tell together, all based on our observations and findings of the neighborhood. Figure Freimann is thereby a stage for us to express our images and stories of how Freimann is as a place to live, and how our imaginary plays with it…or perhaps if it could be entirely different? In this open workshop we will see if it is possible to show another side of Freimann.