Overview program 2017

Invited and participating artists and art-mediators 2017:
Markus Ambach, Maximiliane Baumgartner, Veronika Götz, Gerd Grüneisl, dr. Katja Kobolt, Margarita Torrijos Krag, Kristian Byskov, Vladas Suncovas, Martin Haufe (artist collective, Copenhagen/Vilnius/Leipzig), Jonathan Penca, Jochen Weber, Alex Wissel, Mara Züst und Simone Koller (Zurich, CH)

1. Main focus of the program

Figure Freimann


Residency | art education and production within the social sphere
Margarita Torrijos Krag, Kristian Byskov, Vladas Suncovas, Martin Haufe (artists, art mediators, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Leipzig)

Program by and with the four invited artists:

• Preliminary – open researches / public urban surveys Freimann with Martin Haufe and participating children (May)

• action space with school class program and open afternoons using the techniques of Augusto Boals Forum Theatre, developing a stage (play sculpture) for situative forms of figure theatre (June, July)

2. Main focus of the program


August – October

Open action space and school class program with Gerd Grüneisl and Jonathan Penca,
re-enactment of “Märchengericht” (an action space for children and youth from 1985)


Social programming
Markus Ambach (Düsseldorf)

September – October

courtroom [mural]

Maximiliane Baumgartner and Alex Wissel:
mural on the outer façade of the mobile architecture.
(Social Forms of Painting, 2017-2019 series; Changing face of the mobile architecture’s outer façade, beginning 2017)



December – January 2018

Pamphlet on „Action Space“ – historical perspectives, contemporary contextualization and the meaning of Munich. Production and release of the December 2017/ January 2018 (online and print) edition, in collaboration with Lothringer13_Florida, Magazin #4