Release – Der Fahrende Raum Flugschrift 3

Release event
Der Fahrende Raum Flugschrift 3

Action spaces—Pedagogical Scores and Artistic Routes

Saturday, 2 March, 2019, 16 – 17.30 pm
in the Turmstüberl (of Valentin Karlstadt Musäum)
Im Tal 50, 80331 Munich

With readings of children’s stories and a contribution by Jonas Beutlhauser, as well as a video essay by Vladimir Jerić Vlidi.

Admission fee (to the Musäum):
Adults: 2,99 Euro
Children, pupils, students: 1,99 Euro

Der Fahrende Raum focused particularly on planned and unplanned wandering as an artistic form and pedagogical score in 2018. This issue of the annual Flugschrift addresses process-based forms of work, as well as the different meanings of roaming around in educational and artistic enquiry. A stimulus for this was also the artistic work and life of Gusto Gräser, the artist’s artist, traveling poet, Schwabing bohemian, painter, Monte Veritàs co-founder, and dancer. Der Fahrende Raum’s actions and research in 2018 are examined in texts here and the invited authors negotiate them in relation to their own perspectives.
Children’s productions from the 2018 action spaces are woven through this issue of the Flugschrift. They are supplemented by translated stories by children and teenagers written partly in their primary and partly in their secondary languages.

Edited by Maximiliane Baumgartner and Doris Koopmann, and designed by Ibrahim Oeztaş.

With contributions by Jonas Beutlhauser, Maximiliane Baumgartner, Eva Egermann, Camillo Grewe, Gerd Grüneisl, Martin Haufe, Vladimir Jerić Vlidi, Doris Koopmann, Karolin Meunier, Peformatives Gusto Gräser Kinder-Archiv, Hasan Veseli, Jelena Vesić and the children and teenagers of the Fahrenden Raum, in German and English translation.

The publication is published as an online edition at www.fahrender-raum.de as well as a small print run. It features the video essay The Production of Space / The production of Raum“ by Vladimir Jerić Vlidi and a song by Camillo Grewe as a special artistic contribution for this online edition. In collaboration with Alex Wissel, Camillo Grewe has set a song to music in the reference to the poem “Der Sondermann” by G. Gräser and contributed to this issue.