Figur Freimann – Performative Presentation

Friday, July 7th 8 pm

by artist Vladas Suncovas, Margarita del Carmen and Kristian Byskov

The artists will give a talk and performative presentation of their project and practice at DER FAHRENDE RAUM:

From May to July, Margarita del Carmen, Kristian Byskov, Vladas Suncovas and Martin Haufe (artist and art education collective from Copenhagen/Vilnius/Leipzig) are guests at the DER FAHRENDE RAUM–Residency | art education and production within the social sphere.

With the help of situational word-workshops and performance resources, the artists, together with children and adolescents have explored the open-ended possibilities of the THE FIGURE OF FREIMANN by researching different aspects of the city district’s history and their own positions within it. Results of this research will culminate in a performance of stories from the district’s history on a foldout stage, specially designed by the artists.

Vladas Suncovas: Performative Presentation

Artist Vladas Suncovas will make a performative presentation based on his research into different experimental structural methods in architecture and design: space frame, tensegrity, deployable, pneumatic, parametric, geodesic and other. Buildings that can fit into a suitcase, inflatable chewing gum shelters, mathematical pornography in the shape of a roof, bridges made from muscles and tendons.

It will be held in his newly built sculpture/theater stage- FIGURE FREIMANN at Der Fahrende Raum.

Margarita del Carmen and Kristian Byskov: Pedagogy of spatial design

A conversation about practical research into collective production of space from below. Their talk will consider different aspects of design pedagogy – a practical form of research aiming at sharing through facilitation as well as seeking to strengthen group creativity and the desire to activate the immediate space of one’s everyday life. Hopefully the talk will expand into a conversation about how spaces are made and specifically: What roles can children play in processes of urban renewal.